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How to customize the field selection for movement type

Sometimes we want to change the field selection, while using a movement type to do goods issue or transfer posting. For example, when we are using movement type “415 Q” to do stock transfer from a project to another, the standard field setting of SAP system is shown on the screenshot below.

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We can input the sending plant, but we can’t input destination plant. Due to the standard setting of movement type “415 Q”, the destination plant is decided by the sending plant, and it’s the same with the sending plant. But if we want to input the destination plant manually, how can we change the standard setting of movement type “415 Q”? This article gives you the answer.

STEP 1 Get the field’s name that we want to change

Please look at the picture below, we can see that the destination plant is shown automatically and unchangeable, after we have input the sending plant and press Enter. If we want to change the destination plant’s field selection, we should know the field’s name. We point the cursor on the field of the destination plant, then press F1 button on your keyboard.

Then SAP pops up an interface below, we click the button in the red box.

Then we can see SAP pops up another interface and shows us the field name of the destination plant, which you can see in the red box on the screenshot below. And then we copy the field name.

STEP 2 Change the field selection of movement type.

We use transaction code SPRO to get into the IMG interface of SAP system, and follow the menu path “Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Settings for Enjoy Transactions->Settings for Goods Movements (MIGO)->Field Selection per Mvt Type”. Then we reach the interface below, and we click the “New Entries” button.

We select the movement type “415”, and paste the field name in “STEP 1”, at last choose the field as “Required Entry” or “Optional Entry”, we choose “Optional Entry” in this article. Save it.

STEP 3 Check whether the setting is effective.

We use movement type “415 Q” to do transfer posting again, we can find that the destination plant is changeable. This means our setting is effective.