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The configuration of “Define Order Value Updating for Orders for Projects”

This article explains how to configure the “Define Order Value Updating for Orders for Projects”. This is a very interesting and important configuration of Project System in SAP. This configuration influence the planned cost and assigned budget of projects.

Follow the path below or use transaction code OPSV to configure it.

We can see the default setting on the picture below, the field “Cat” means the categories of orders, which are predefined in SAP system.

Below is the list of the categories and their descriptions. The category “20” stands for Network. We can see on the picture above that the default value for Network is “Appended”. This indicator means the planned costs of Network are added to Project.

1Internal Order (Controlling)
2Accrual Calculation Order (Controlling)
3Model Order (Controlling)
4CO Production Order
5Product Cost Collector
6QM Order
10PP Production Order
30Maintenance order
40Process Order
50Inspection Lot
60Personnel Order
70Shipping deadlines
99Master Planned order

I have created a project and assigned some networks and activities to it. Then I have done cost planning by these networks and activities. If you want to know more about cost planning for project, please see our article When the “Appended” indicator is set for Network, its planned costs are added to Project. You can see on the screenshot of CJ31 below, there are planned costs for my project “Test”.

But once I don’t set the indicator “Appended” for Network, which you can see on the screenshot below. The planned costs of the Network will not be added to Project.

Then I use transaction code CJ31 to display the planned cost of the project, you can see the result of the report below, the planned costs of the network are not added to my project “Test”.

Another indicator is “Assign Funds in Plan”, if this indicator is set, the remained costs of orders will occupy the budget of project.

I use the transaction code S_ALR_87013558 to see the Budget Assigned report of project “Test”, we can see that the RemOrdPlan is 2,000 dollars, this is because I have done cost planning by networks of this project, and the planned cost is 2,000 dollars. If we don’t set the “Assign Funds in Plan” indicator for Network, we use transaction code S_ALR_87013558 to analyze the project “Test” again, the RemOrdPlan is still 2,000 dollars. But if we add some new cost planning to the networks of this project, the RemOrdPlan will be still 2,000 dollars, it will not be increased by new cost planning of networks.