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Schedule planning dates for activities and WBS in a project

As we know, activity is a very useful tool for project managing, this article will show you how to schedule dates for activities and the corresponding WBS.

Below is the screenshot of the project planning board, we can see there is no relationship of the two activities (the red bar charts mean the activities). If you want to establish the relationship of the activities, you need to follow the menu path ‘Goto-> Network structure graphic’, which is shown on the screenshot.

Then SAP system will jump to another interface which is shown below, you can click the ‘connect’ button and the arrow of the mouse will change into a pencil, which you can use to link the activities.

After the steps upon, then you need to return back to the project planning builder, you can see there is a black Arrow line linked these two activities. Then you can click the ‘options’ button.

It will pop up a window, on which you can select the scheduling scenario for the project, in this article, we choose the ‘1 Bottom-up scenario (pre-defined)’. Then you need to click the ‘copy’ button.

After that, you have to click the ‘Schedule’ button, to schedule the planning dates for activities.

The result of the scheduling likes the picture below, we can see SAP determines the planning dates of the activities automatically for us.