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Run MRP by using transaction MD02

You can learn using transaction MD02 to run MRP in this post.

STEP 1 Get into transaction MD02.

Follow the menu path “Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> Planning -> MD02-Single-Item, Multi-Level ” to get into transaction MD02, which you can see below.

STEP 2 Input the required information.

Input the material number and the plant, then tick the check boxes of the fields “Also plan unchanged components”, “Display results before they are saved” and “Display material list” of process control parameters. Press Enter and skip any warning message.

You can read our post if you encounter the error message “Requirements planning is not active in plant XXXX” when you are using transaction MD02.

STEP 3 Click “Procurement proposal” button.

STEP 4 If you want to add more planned orders, you can select the suitable parameters in the popped up window and click the check mark button. If you don’t want to add any planned order, you can skip this step.

STEP 5 Click “save” button.

STEP 6 Click “Continue” button in popped up window. Then the SAP system will carry out MRP successfully.