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How to create the material of finished product

As we know, we can use transaction code MM01 to create material, and this article tells you how to create material of finished product by using transaction code MM01.

STEP 1 Get in the transaction code MM01.

Follow the SAP menu path “Logistics -> Materials Management -> Material Master -> Material -> Create (General) -> Immediately ” to get into the transaction code MM01.

STEP 2 Select the “Industry sector” for the material, then select “FERT Finished products” for the field “Material Type”, press Enter.

STEP 3 Select the views you want to maintain.

Usually we select all of the views when creating material. We click the “select all” button, then click the “check mark” button, what you can see below.

STEP 4 Select the organizational levels for the material you want to create.

For example, select “AP01” for the field of plant. Besides, you can select other organizational levels as you wish.

STEP 5 Fill the required fields of every label.

Please look at the screenshot below, you need to fill the required fields, then press Enter, then the SAP system will jump to the next label, and it will tell you the fields you need to fill. After you’ve maintained all of the labels, save it and you have created a new material of finished product.