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Goods issue to production order

Usually we delivery raw material to production order before the produce, and this article tells you how to do goods issue to production order.

STEP 1 Get into transaction MB1A.

Follow the SAP menu “Logistics -> Materials Management -> Inventory Management -> Goods Movement -> MB1A – Goods Issue” to get into transaction MB1A.

STEP 2 Input the document date and the posting date, then select the plant and a suitable movement type, press Enter button on your keyboard.

STEP 3 Fill the required fields.

Input the production order, the sales order, the material number, the quantity of the material, the unit of the material and the stock location, then press Enter.

Plus: If you encounter an error message like “The status of the production order prohibits goods movement”. Maybe that the production order hasn’t been released causes this error, to solve it, you can see our article

STEP 4 Save the document if you don’t encounter any error.